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Join Space Force

Greetings human, so you want to support our shows by JOINING SPACE FORCE! Thank you for your service!

All our shows operate on the “value for value” model as made famous by Adam Curry “The Podfather”, the Inventor Of Podcasting (and host of the No Agenda Show). As you enjoy our shows, think about what kind of value you get from them. In return for that value received, we ask that you send us that perceived value as a donation. As we receive donations, it encourages us to devote more time and money to creating original content for you.

By operating in this method, that means we do not have to rely on advertising, and thus remain free to speak our minds and allow our shows to remain 100% free to view and/or listen to.

Joining Space Force is easy. Just leave us a donation and you’re already on your way! Those who contribute even $1 will be automatically enrolled as a Cadet in our very own Space Force. As your contribution totals climb, you will earn further ranks in the Space Force which in future will grant you some special privileges. You can see the current ranking system here and a list of Space Force’s current roster here.

We will be doing some prize giveaways in the very near future!

Thank you for supporting our shows, humans!